Brand Selection Dimensions in Family Buying of Personal Care Products


  • Sakshi SHARMA Inder Kumar Gujral University
  • Maninder SINGH Amritsar College of Engineering


Brand Selection, FMCGs, Personal Care Products, Non-durable, Marketing, Family Buying


The aim of present study endeavors to uncover the dimensions of brand selection in buying of personal care products. The results confirmed four dimensions of brand selection for each studied product i.e. shampoo (Variety and Value Seeking, Functionality-Hair Care, Brand Adherence and Habitual Selection), toilet soap (Value & Variety Seeking, Functionality, Significance of Image and Time and Friend’s Influence) and toothpaste (Functionality-Oral Care, Value Seeking, Outer Directed Brand Adherence and Parental Influence). Another important finding of this study is that dimensions of brand selections have significant gender differences. Interestingly, this study shows that males are found to be more variety, value and functionality seekers in buying of personal care products as compared to their counterparts. Females are found to be more brands adhered and influenced by friend and parents. The paper offers insights that the variety and value seeking brand selection dimensions are highly strong brand selection dimensions for all studied products. As personal care products buyers have shown great interest in variety and value seeking, the study suggests that promotional efforts like sales promotions and advertising can play a vital role in marketeering of these products for a new entrant as well as for established marketers.



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