A Proposed Analytical Model for Integrated Pick-and-Sort Systems


  • Recep KIZILASLAN Fatih University
  • Demet BAYRAKTAR Süleyman Şah University
  • Fahrettin ELDEMIR Yıldız Technical University


Order Picking, Order Sortation, Wave Size, Warehouse, Pick-and-Sort Systems


In this study we present an analytical approach for integration of order picking and sortation operations which are the most important, labour intensive and costly activity for warehouses. Main aim is to investigate order picking and sorting efficiencies under different design issues as a function of order wave size. Integrated analytical model is proposed to estimate the optimum order picking and order sortation efficiency. The model, which has been tested by simulations with different illustrative examples, calculates the optimum wave size that solves the trade-off between picking and sorting operations and makes the order picking and sortations efficiency maximum. Our model also allow system designer to predict the order picking and sorting capacity for different system configurations. This study presents an innovative approach for integrated warehouse operations.



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KIZILASLAN, R., BAYRAKTAR, D., & ELDEMIR, F. (2013). A Proposed Analytical Model for Integrated Pick-and-Sort Systems. Eurasian Journal of Business and Economics, 6(12), 151-170. Retrieved from https://ejbe.org/index.php/EJBE/article/view/121