Performance of Loan Repayment Determinants in Ethiopian Micro Finance - An Analysis


  • Shaik Abdul Majeeb PASHA Arba Minch University
  • Tolosa NEGESE Arba Minch University


Micro Finance, Loan Repayment, Performance of Borrowers, Institution.


Micro finance involves the provision of micro-credit, savings, and other services to the poor that are excluded by the commercial banks for collateral and other reasons. Microfinance is relatively new to Ethiopia and came to existence during 1994-95. Out of which Sidama Micro Finance Institution (SMFI) is one among 31Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs) to serve needy people in Ethiopia. Based on this researchers’ intended to study major socio- economic factors and loan related factors that determines loan repayment performance of borrowers in SMFI. In fact, the identifying and analyzing such determining factors of loan repayment rate is vital in the achievement of profitability and sustainability of MFIs. In this connection, researchers’ collected data from primary and secondary resources and analyzed by using Binary logistic model is used. Through the study 14 determinants’ are selected for evaluation, out of which 9 variables are significant and remaining insignificant are found. Based on the analysis, researchers are recommended that proper training should be provided, reasonable amount of loan which should be useful to their business. Further, more age people and well business experience people can able to repay their loan amount` timely to micro finance institution.



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