The Role of Customer Satisfaction to Enhance Customer Loyalty

  • Mohammad ZIAUL HOQ University of Malaya
  • Muslim AMIN University Kebangsaan Malaysia


Please note that the following article published in the Eurasian Journal of Business and Economics (EJBE) has been removed from publication:
“The Role of Customer Satisfaction to Enhance Customer Loyalty” by Mohammad Ziaul HOQ & Muslim AMIN (Eurasian Journal of Business and Economics, 2009, Vol:2, Issue: 4, pages 139-154)
The reason of removal is that Mohammad Ziaul HOQ has submitted the Muslim Amin's own academic work to EJBE without taking Amin’s consent before submission.
The article was withdrawn by the request of Muslim AMIN.
The Publisher and the Editors had acted in good faith in reviewing and accepting the article for publication in the EJBE.