Tracing the Economic Transition of Kyrgyzstan in the Works of Prof. Dzharkinay Asanovna Musaeva (1948-2018), a Leading Female Economist


  • Nargiza ALYMKULOVA Ala-Too International University



Economics, Asian model, Economic reforms, Transition Economy, the Kyrgyz Republic, Female Economist, Eurasia


This paper aims to synchronize the historical developments in the economy of the Kyrgyz Republic with the works of Professor Musaeva Dzharkinay Asanovna. Prof. Musaeva, the recipient of the outstanding scholar of National Education of the Kyrgyz Republic award, was a prominent representative of the science and culture of the country. Prof. Musaeva's research reputation is based mainly on her works on agricultural economics and problems of economic growth and development of the transitional economy of Kyrgyzstan, which was ended with the formation of the idea of the Asian model of economic reforms. She was involved in several significant research initiatives and projects as part of the growing concern about economic reforms, strategy of economic development and their likely impact on the transitional economy of Kyrgyzstan, where the choice of the liberal model of economic reforms was natural and determined by the specific socio-economic and cultural-historical features of the development of the Kyrgyz people as a result of the nomadic lifestyle. These followed by the formulation and interpretation of the Asian model of the economic reforms in Kyrgyzstan and its future development trends.