Does Nature of Financial Institutions Matter to Firm Growth in Transition Economies?


  • Abubakr SAEED Blekinge Tekniska Högskola


Firm growth, Firm size, Formal financial institutions, Informal finance, Transition economies


Drawing on firm-level data set on transition economies, this paper investigates the relationship between financial institutions and firm growth. The paper focuses in perspective of growth, how the impact of various sources of external finance varies across firm size. Primarily, it is shown a differential impact of institutions on firm growth, precisely, in terms of employment and sale, growth augments by equity market, local banks, foreign banks, state-owned banks, trade credit and leasing, while informal lending abates growth. In particular, the results suggest that local banks and trade credit improve sale growth of small and medium firms, while these financial institutions are insignificant for large firms. By contrast, state owned banks and informal institutions constrain employment growth of small firms. It is confirmed that irrespective of firm size lease financing exerts statistically significant positive impact on firm growth. Moreover, financial system differences across the regions play vital role in firm growth-finance relationship.



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