Employee Readiness for Organizational Change: A Case Study in an Export Oriented Manufacturing Firm in Sri Lanka


  • Sanjee Udari SAMARANAYAKE Saga University
  • Toshihiko TAKEMURA Saga University


Employee readiness, Organizational change, Organizational commitment, Trust in peers and management, Demographical factors


In this article, we investigated the relationships between organizational commitment, trust in peers and management and employee change readiness. The effects of demographic factors such as gender, age, and working experience on employees’ organizational commitment, trust in peers and management and their change readiness were also examined. We conducted a cross sectional questionnaire survey to collect data from a sample of 185 randomly selected employees in an export oriented business firm in Sri Lanka. Pearson Productmoment Correlation test was used to test the strength and direction of the relationships in the hypotheses. A Multiple analysis of variance (MANOVA) was employed to analyse the relationships between demographic variables and the three main variables concerned. This article unveiled that organizational commitment and trust in peers and management were significantly and positively correlated to employee readiness for organizational change. The article also revealed the significant association of certain demographic factors with trust in peers and management and employee readiness.