Banking Regulation and Determinants of Banks’ Profits: Empirical Evidence from Turkey

  • Mahmut ERDOGAN Kyrgyzstan-Turkey “Manas” University
  • E. Ebru AKSOY Gazi University
Keywords: Profitability, Banking, Regulation, Prais-Winsten Regression, Turkey


The crises that are frequently observed in the banking industries of emerging markets which affect banks’ profits necessitate regulations and supervision of these markets. This paper investigates the determinants of Turkish banks’ profits and the effects of the regulations implemented in this industry on profits. In this research, 468 firm year observations for 36 Turkish banks for the period 1995-2007 were used and analyzed with Prais-Winsten regression method. The empirical findings of the study show positive and statistically significant relations between capital, size, offbalance sheet transactions, liquidity and loans and performance and negative and statistically significant relations between quality of loans, concentration and performance.