Performance Evaluation of the Intermediary Channels of Life Insurance Industry in India


  • Sumninder Kaur BAWA Guru Nanak Dev University
  • Samiya CHATTHA Guru Nanak Dev University


Intermediary Channels, CAGR, Life Insurance Industry, India, IRDA


The present study aims to canvass the performance of intermediary channels in Indian Life Insurance Industry viz. individual agents, corporate agents, bancassurance, brokers and direct selling. The conduct of performance has been deliberated in context of business premium collected and number of policies issued by various channels through Two-Way ANOVA. The data has been figured out over the period of seven years, i.e. from 2006- 07 to 2012-13. The findings demonstrate that in the context of premium as well as policy, there is difference in mean scores for various categories of channels, but no difference has been found with respect to time period. Besides the study also measures the augmentation in their performance, through compound annual growth rate (CAGR) by using the log linear regression model which reveals that individual agent is the foremost performing channel in terms of generating business. But sustaining efficacy of every channel has become one of the confronting issues for insurance domain.