Power Distance as a Moderator of the Relationship between Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Impression Management

  • Cem Harun MEYDAN Turkish Army
  • H. Nejat BASIM Baskent University
  • Ufuk BAŞAR Turkish Army
Keywords: Organizational Citizenship Behaviors, Impression Management, Power Distance, Moderation Effect and Behavior.


This research discovers predictive effect of employees’ organizational citizenship behaviors on impression management strategies as well as moderation effect of power distance on this interaction. To that end data was collected from 178 schoolteachers, who work at three different public elementary schools in Turkey, through questionnaire and analyzed with multifarious statistical methods. The results from hierarchical multiple regression analysis indicated that individuals engaged in organizational citizenship behaviors in order to form expected impressions of themselves in others’ minds and perception of power distance has moderating effect on this process.