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EJBE 12 (23), May 2019  
Negative Marketing in Political Campaigns and Its Effect on the Voting Decision of the Indian Millennial
pages 1-15.

Influence of Social Media Content on Consumer Purchase Intention: Mediation Effect of Brand Equity
Mersid POTURAK & Sumeja SOFTIC,
pages 17-43.

Brand Selection Dimensions in Family Buying of Personal Care Products
Sakshi SHARMA & Maninder SINGH,
pages 45-61.
Quality in e-Government accounting services: A model of relationships between e-service quality dimensions and behaviors
pages 63-78.
How have Mergers and Acquisitions Affected Financial Performance of Firms in Indian Manufacturing Sector?
pages 79-96.
Asymmetric Suppliers’ Optimal Investment Timing Decisions
Manoj KUMAR,
pages 97-124.
EJBE 11 (22), November 2018  
Research and Development Transformation in Central Asia: University-led Research Consortiums Jayarethanam S. PILLAI, Aureliu SINDILA, & Anna NAGORNOVA, pages 1-27.

Relationship between Risk-taking, Capital Regulation and Bank Performance: Empirical Evidence from Bangladesh
Morshedur M. RAHMAN, Ali Arshad CHOWDHURY, & Mouri DEY,
pages 29-57.

Firm Specific and Macroeconomic Determinants of Capital Structure: Evidence from Fragile Five Countries
Osman SAHIN,
pages 59-81.
Generating Buy/Sell Signals for an Equity Share Using Machine Learning
pages 83-103.
Economic Cooperation between Serbia and the Member States of the Eurasian Economic Union: Constraints and Potentials
pages 105-121.
EJBE 11 (21), May 2018  

Exploring Knowledge Sharing in a Professional Network: A Central Eurasian Case
David L. FORD, Laurie L. ZIEGLER, Ray FANG & Oscar HOLMES IV,
pages 1-22.

Performance of Women Entrepreneurs: Does Access to Finance Really Matter?
pages 23-48.

Successful Employee Empowerment: Major Determinants in the Jordanian Context
Khadra DAHOU & Ishaq HACINI,
pages 49-68.
Positive Analysis on Japanese Individual Investors’ Ratio of Risk Assets Holding
Toshihiko TAKEMURA, Takashi KOZU, Koichi TAKEDA & Toru SUEHIRO,
pages 69-85.
The Impact of the Volatility of the US Government Bonds Rate on Islamic Index Return
pages 87-100.
Exploring the Relationship between Financial Ratios and Market Stock Returns
pages 101-116.
The Effects of Intellectual Capital on Financial Performance and Market Value: Evidence from Turkey
Ilker YILMAZ & Goksel ACAR,
pages 117-133
EJBE 10 (20), November 2017  

Employee Readiness for Organizational Change: A Case Study in an Export Oriented Manufacturing Firm in Sri Lanka
Sanjee Udari SAMARANAYAKE, Toshihiko TAKEMURA,
pages 1-16.

Gender and the Perceived Equity - Perceived Organizational Support Link in Egypt
Mohamed Hossameldin KHALIFA, Rana ZAKI,
pages 17-32.

Determinants of Affecting Level from Systematic Risk: Evidence from BIST 100 Companies in Turkey
pages 33-46.

Flexible Micro Finance Program: Effectiveness and Efficiency to Reach the Extreme Poor
Meherun AHMED, Baqui KHALILY, Abdul KHALEQUE, S. Nafisa NAWAL,
pages 47-70.

Diversity Management and Its Impact on HRM Practices: Evidence from Kuwaiti Companies
Oualid ABIDI, Halil ZAIM, Dina YOUSSEF, Houshang HABIBNIYA, Alper BARAN,
pages 71-88.

How Partner Characteristics Can Affect Performance of Alliances with Different Time Frames?
Seyed Hossein JALALI,
pages 89-104.

Determinants of Non-Performing Loan in South Asia: The Role of Financial Crisis
Obaid Ur REHMAN,
pages 105-124.

EJBE 10 (19), May 2017  

Access to Credits and Erosive or Non-erosive Coping Strategies: An Empirical Analysis in Bangladesh
Meherun AHMED, Iftekhar Uddin Ahmed CHOWDHURY, Sabiha Subah MOHONA,
pages 1-18.

The Impact of Ownership Structure on Bank Credit Risk: Evidence from Bangladesh
Niluthpaul SARKER, Shamsun NAHAR, pages 19-36.

Budget Deficit Sustainability and Revenue Expenditure Linkages in Major South Asian Economies
Shruti SHASTRI, Arun Kumar GIRI, Geetilaxmi MOHAPATRA,
pages 37-59.

Women Employment in terms of Gender Inequality across the Provinces of Turkey
pages 61-80.

Determinants of Economic Growth in Syria between 1980 and 2010
Adel Shakeeb MOHSEN, Soo Y. CHUA, Che Normee CHE SAB,
pages 81-98.

Efficiency of the Ethiopian Health Extension Program: An Application of Data Envelopment Analysis
pages 99-126.

Bank Stability and Competition: Evidence from Albanian Banking Market
pages 127-154.

EJBE 9 (18), November 2016  

Impact of Caring Climate, Job Satisfaction, and Affective Commitment on Employees’ Performance in the Banking Sector of Bosnia and Herzegovina
pages 1-16.

Romanian Young Consumers Perception of Car Brands: A Personal Construct Theory Approach
Manuela Rozalia GABOR,
pages 17-39.

Impact of Knowledge Capital on Performance of Firms: A Case of Firms in Finland
Jorma LEHTIMAKI, Jonne LEHTIMAKI, pages 41-59.

Examining the Performance of Indian Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
Naman SETHI,
pages 61-79.

The Linkage between China’s Foreign Direct Investment and Ghana’s Building and Construction Sector Performance
pages 81-97.

Government Debt Reduction in the USA and Greece: A Comparative VECM Analysis
pages 99-112.

Stochastic Convergence in Per Capita Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emissions: Evidence from OECD Countries
pages 113-134.

Export Performance and Economic Growth in East Asian Economies– Application of Cointegration and Vector Error Correction Model
pages 135-152.

EJBE 9 (17), May 2016  

Profitability Determinants in Indian Drugs and Pharmaceutical Industry: An Analysis of Pre and Post TRIPS Period
Shilpi TYAGI, D. K. NAURIYAL, pages 1-21

The Impact of Personal Attitude, Subjective Norm, and Perceived Behavioural Control on Entrepreneurial Intentions of Women
M. Sait DINC, Semira BUDIC, pages 23-35

The Nexus between Military Spending and Economic Growth in Newly Industrialized Countries: Panel Evidence from CrossSectional Dependency
Mehmet Akif DESTEK, pages 37-50

Performance Evaluation of the Intermediary Channels of Life Insurance Industry in India
Sumninder Kaur BAWA, Samiya CHATTHA, pages 51-65

A Research on the Performance and Characteristics of the Firms in Turkish Manufacturing Industry
Buhari DOGAN, Mesut ALBENI, Vedat BAYDAR, Omer AKCAYIR, pages 67-86

Impact of Fiscal Decentralization on Non-Oil Economic Growth in a Resource Rich Economy
Fakhri HASANOV, Ceyhun MIKAYILOV, Sebuhi YUSIFOV, Khatai ALIYEV , pages 87-108

Banking Regulation and Determinants of Banks’ Profits: Empirical Evidence from Turkey
Mahmut ERDOGAN, E. Ebru AKSOY, pages 109-124

SMEs’ Wealth Creation Model of an Emerging Economy
Olalekan Usiobaifo ASIKHIA, pages 125-151

Mode of Entry and the Performance of Foreign Banks: Evidence from Turkish Banking Industry
Ahmet AKIN, Nizamettin BAYYURT, pages 153-164

EJBE 8 (16), November 2015  

The Effects of Utilitarian and Hedonic Values on Young Consumers’ Satisfaction and Behavioral Intentions
Umit BASARAN, Ozan BUYUKYILMAZ , pages 1-18.

Consumer Acceptance of Functional Foods in Ho Chi Minh City
Duy Tung BUI
, pages 19-34.

Determinants of Productivity and Profitability of Indian Banking Sector: A Comparative Study
Karam Pal NARWAL, Shweta PATHNEJA, pages 35-58.

The Impact of Non-performing Loans on Bank Lending Behavior: Evidence from the Italian Banking Sector
Doriana CUCINELLI, pages 59-71.
Customer Satisfaction in Business to Consumer (B2C) E-commerce: A Comparative Study of Turkey and Pakistan
Sahal M. SHEIKH, Mehmet BASTI, pages 73-100.

Oil Price Shocks and Macroeconomic Activities in Asean-5 Countries: A Panel VAR Approach
Mukhriz Izraf Azman AZIZ, Jauhari DAHALAN, pages 101-120.

International Financial Integration and Economic Growth in India: An Empirical Investigation
, pages 121-137.

Effects of Brand on Consumer Preferences: A study in Turkmenistan
Abdurrahman ISIK, Mehmet Fatih YASAR, pages 139-150.

EJBE 8 (15), May 2015  

Black Swan Sticking out in Turkish Banking Sector
Hasan GOCEN, Halit AKTURK, Mehmet ORHAN,
pages 1-19.

The Impacts of Political Terrorism on Gross Domestic Product in Eurasia: A Spatial Data Analysis
, pages 21-37.

Research in Humanitarian Supply Chain Management and A New Framework
Degan YU, Mehmet G. YALCIN, Koray ÖZPOLAT, Douglas N. HALES
, pages 39-60.

Suppliers Dynamic Approach to Invest in R&D with Sunk Costs in Indian Contexts
Manoj KUMAR, Jyoti RAMAN, Priya RAMAN
, pages 61-93.

Bank Size, Risk-taking and Capital Regulation in Bangladesh
Mohammad M. RAHMAN, Changjun ZHENG, Badar N. ASHRAF
, pages 95-114.

Assessment of Technical Efficiency of Public Sector Banks in India Using Data Envelopment Analysis
Aparna BHATIA, Megha MAHENDRU, pages 115-140.

Determinants of Oil Demand in OECD Countries: An Application of Panel Data Model
Burcu OZCAN, pages 141-165.

Political Business Cycle on the Agricultural Supports in Turkey
, pages 167-184.

Asymmetric Effect of Monetary Policy on Stock Market Volatility in ASEAN5
Trung Thanh BUI,
pages 185-197.

Can Ethical Leaders Heal The Wounds? An Empirical Research
Ufuk BASAR, Berrin FILIOZ,
pages 199-218.

Does Interpersonal Trust Influence Organizational Behavior?
pages 219-238.

EJBE 7 (14), November 2014  

Saving and Re-building Lives: Determinants of Short-term and Long-term Disaster Relief
, pages 1-28

Efficiency and Ranking of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry: Does Type of Ownership Matter?
, pages 29-50

The Effects of FDI on Human Capital Stock in Central Asian Turkic Republics
Durmus Cagri YILDIRIM,  Ozlem TOSUNER, pages 51-60

Economic Growth and Remittances Inflow: Empirical Evidence from Kyrgyz Republic
, pages 61-70

The Effects of Credibility on Interest Rates in Turkey
M. Kadir DOGAN, Gulcan BOZDEMIR, pages 71-90

Granger Causality between Financial Deepening and International Trade: Evidence from Regional Panel Data
Aziz BAKAY, pages 91-107

International Asset Pricing, Currency Risk and Integration of Markets
, pages 109-136

Testing the Validity of the Triplet Deficit Hypothesis for Turkey: Asymmetric Causality Analysis
Yusuf Ekrem AKBAS, Fuat LEBE, Fatma ZEREN
, pages 137-154

Investigation of Causal Relationship between Stock Prices and Trading Volume using Toda and Yamamoto Procedure
Sushil BAJAJ, Vibha DUA
, pages 155-181

A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Early Childhood Hygiene Interventions in Uzbekistan
, pages 183-208

EJBE 7 (13), May 2014  

International Migration: A Panel Data Analysis of the Determinants of Emigration from Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan
, pages 1-9.

The Effects of Infrastructure Determinants on Economic Growth: European Union Sample
Osman SAHIN, Nurettin CAN, Erkan DEMIRBAS
, pages 11-27.

Performance of Loan Repayment Determinants in Ethiopian Micro Finance - An Analysis
Shaik Abdul Majeeb PASHA, Tolosa NEGESE
, pages 29-49.

Performance Evaluation of Banks in India – A Shannon-DEA Approach

Robust Estimation of Productivity Changes in Japanese Shinkin Banks
Jianzhong DAI
, pages 69-90.

Analysis of the Efficiency of Small Independent Retailers in Serbia
Radojko LUKIC
, pages 91-103.

Power Distance as a Moderator of the Relationship between Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Impression Management
Cem Harun MEYDAN, H. Nejat BASIM, Ufuk BASAR, pages 105-118.

The Wage Determination Process in Turkey: An Empirical Analysis in Kaleckian Perspective
Basak Gul AKTAKAS, Cemil Serhat AKIN,
pages 119-132.

Empirical Study of KMS Impact on Decision Support
Kursad OZLEN, Meliha HANDZIC, Nermina DURMIC,
pages 133-144.

Socio-Cultural Factors and Intention towards Sustainable Entrepreneurship
Wei-Loon KOE, Izaidin Abdul MAJID,
pages 145-156.

A Content Analysis on Management and Terms related with Management in the Quran
Kursat OZDASLI, Oğuzhan AYTAR,
pages 157-172.

On the Research Contribution of XBRL Literature- A Bibliometrics Analysis
Hakan ERKUS, Victoria CHIU,
pages 173-188.

EJBE 6 (12), November 2013  

A Comparative Study of Patriotism, Protectionism, Social Economic Conservatism between Indian and Vietnamese Consumers: The Effects of these Constructs on Buying Inclinations
, pages 1-26

An Evaluation of Micro-Credit Programs in Bosnia and Herzegovina Using Porter’s Diamond Model
Mohammad HAMAD, Teoman DUMAN, pages 27-42

Eurasian Union: A Utopia, a Dream or a Coming Reality?
Tugce Varol SEVIM, pages 43-62

Level of Awareness Regarding Bancassurance and Choice of Insurance Product among Bank Customers in India
, pages 63-77

Are Inflation Rates Stationary in 11 Mediterranean Countries? Evidence from Univariate and Panel Unit Root Tests
, pages 79-96

The Relationship between Major Oil Products Consumption and Efficiency of Industry Sector in Selected Oil Exporting and Importing Countries
Ali Akbar Naji MEIDANI, Mohammad Ali FALAHI, Seyyed Mohsen Seyyed Agha HOSSEINI
, pages 97-112

Building the System of Innovation Capability Indicators: Case of Latvia
, pages 113-128

Born Global Firms: A Foreign Trade Related Study on Turkey
Aytac GOKMEN, Dilek TEMIZ, pages 129-142

Test of the Bank Lending Channel: The Case of Poland
, pages 143-149

A Proposed Analytical Model for Integrated Pick-and-Sort Systems
, pages 151-170

EJBE 6 (11), May 2013  

The Effect of Openness on Economic Growth for BRIC-T Countries: Panel Data Analysis
Mehmet MERCAN, Ismet GOCER, Sahin BULUT, Metin DAM, pages 1-14.

Managers’ Compensation in Large Public Firms in Belgium: An Analysis on the BEL 20
Jonathan BAUWERAERTS, Julien VANDERNOOT, Thomas TYRANT, pages 15-38.

An Empirical Analysis of Television Commercial Ratings in Alternative Competitive Environments Using Multinomial Logit Model
Dilek ALTAS, Hakan OZTUNC, pages 39-51.

Fuzzy Performance Evaluation with AHP and Topsis Methods: Evidence from Turkish Banking Sector after the Global Financial Crisis
, pages 53-74.

Causal Links between Foreign Direct Investments and Trade: A Comparative Study of India and China
Renu SHARMA, Mandeep KAUR, pages 75-91.

Determinants of Inter-State Variations in FDI Inflows in India
Suhita CHATTERJEE, Pulak MISHRA, Bani CHATTERJEE, pages 93-120.

VAR Analysis of the Monetary Transmission Mechanism in Kyrgyzstan
Nurlan ATABAEV, Junus GANIYEV, pages 121-134.

EJBE 5 (10), November 2012  

Military Intervention, Coalition Governments and Economic Growth: Evidence from Turkey
M. Veysel KAYA & Erkan DEMIRBAS, pages 1-13.

The Compare of Concentration and Efficiency in Banking Industry: Evidence from the OPEC Countries
Mehdi BEHNAME, pages 15-24.

The Impact of Macroeconomic Fundamentals on Stock Prices Revisited: Evidence from Indian Data
Pramod Kumar NAIK & Puja PADHI, pages 25-44.
Education as an Investment in Turkey’s Human Capital: A Work in Progress
William A. OWINGS, Leslie S. KAPLAN & Zafer PIRIM, pages 45-70.

Willingness to Work, Human Capital and Job Satisfaction: A Case Study for Turkey
Alexi DANCHEV & Ender SEVINC, pages 71-90.

Causality between Exports and Economic Growth: Investigating Suitable Trade Policy for Pakistan
Shujaat ABBAS , pages 91-99.

Urbanization and its Political Challenges in Developing Countries
Kemal OZDEN & Chigozie ENWERE , pages 99-120.

EJBE 5 (9), May 2012  

Fiscal Decentralization and Revenue Stability in the Kyrgyz Republic, 1993-2010.
pages 1-20.

Who is Trading Well in Central Asia? A Gravity Analysis of Exports from the Regional Powers to the Region.
Farrukh SUVANKULOV, Yunus GUC, pages 21-43.

The Long Run Growth Rate of the Kazakhstan’s Economy
Aloysius Ajab AMIN, Dariya AINEKOVA, pages 45-56.

Evaluation of Technical Efficiency in Indian Sugar Industry: An Application of Full Cumulative Data Envelopment Analysis
Sunil KUMAR, Nitin ARORA, pages 57-78.

Determinants of Mergers and Acquisitions in Indian Pharmaceutical Industry
Vidhisha VYAS, Krishnan NARAYANAN, A. RAMANATHAN, pages 79-102.

Patterns of Capital Structure Adjustment by Listing Type: Evidence from European Firms
Joshua Seungwook BAHNG, pages 103-117.

Budget Deficits and Interest Rates: An Empirical Analysis for Turkey
Tayfur BAYAT, Selim KAYHAN, Mehmet SENTURK, pages 119-128.

Predictors of Students` Desire to be an Entrepreneur: Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, and the United States
Barry A. FRIEDMAN, Nergis AZIZ, Ibrahim KELES, Salavat SAYFULLIN, pages 129-140.

The Determinants of Household Labor Supply in Georgia, France and Romania: A Comparative Study
George BERULAVA, George CHIKAVA, pages 141-164.

Intraday Lead/Lag Relationships between the Futures and Spot Market
Kapil CHOUDHARY, Sushil BAJAJ, pages 165-186.

Decomposition of Technical Change and Productivity Growth in Indian Agriculture Using Non-Parametric Malmquist Index
Parminder SINGH, Amarjeet SINGH, pages 187-202.

EJBE 4 (8), November 2011  

Reconsidering the Relationship between Oil Prices and Industrial Production: Testing for Cointegration in some of the OECD Countries
Ibrahim Halil EKSI, Berna Balci IZGI & Mehmet SENTURK, pages 1-12.

Determinants of Energy Intensity in Indian Manufacturing Industries: A Firm Level Analysis
Santosh Kumar SAHU & Krishnan NARAYANAN, pages 13-30.

Ethnocentrism, Religiosity, Environmental and Health Consciousness: Motivators for Anti-Consumers
Ramazan KAYNAK & Sevgi EKSI, pages 31-50.

Industrial Growth Rates and Instability: An Historical Analysis of the Former Centrally Planned Economies of Eastern Europe
pages 51-70.

Bookkeeping in Manor Farms of Polish Gentry in 17th Century
pages 71-86.

The Significance and History of Organization Development – in Hungary and International Relations
Tímea BUDAI,
pages 87-99.

Determinants of Export Services of USA with its Asian Partners: A Panel Data Analysis
Sandeep KAUR,
pages 101-117.

EJBE 4 (7), May 2011  

Macroeconomic Determinants of the Stock Market Index and Policy Implications: The Case of a Central European Country
Yu HSING, pages 1-11.

Foreign Direct Investment as a Determining Factor in Turkey's Export Performance
I. Yasar VURAL & Mahmut ZORTUK, pages 13-23.

Testing Household Economies of Scale in Uzbekistan
Ziyodullo PARPIEV & Kakhramon YUSUPOV, pages 25-51.

Research and Development, Exports and Patenting in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry: a Post TRIPS Analysis
Ravi KIRAN & Sunita MISHRA, pages 53-67.

The Impact of Economic and Political Factors on the 2010 Turkish Referendum
Harun YUKSEL, Abdulkadir CIVAN & Ertugrul GUNDOGAN, pages 69-80.

Customer's Advisory, Organizational Openness and Capability: the Locus of Value Creation
M. Ozgur GUNGOR & F. Zeynep BILGIN, pages 81-97.

Export-Orientation of Foreign Manufacturing Affiliates in India: Factors, Tendencies and Implications
Jaya Prakash PRADHAN, Keshab DAS & Mahua PAUL, pages 99-127.

EJBE 3 (6), November 2010  

Network Building Behaviors of U. S. and Central Eurasian Leaders: Role of Institutional Background and Individual Factors
Kiran M. ISMAIL; David L. FORD, JR & Orlando C. RICHARD, pages 1-26.

Economic Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Armenia, Kyrgyz Republic and Turkmenistan : Theory and Evidence
Muhammad AZAM
, pages 27-40.

How Do Foreign Direct Investment and Growth Interact in Turkey?
Erkan ILGUN; Karl-Josef KOCH & Mehmet ORHAN
, pages 41-55.

Determinants of Foreign Institutional Investors' Investment in India
Manjinder KAUR & Sharanjit S. DHILLON,
pages 57-70.

An Important Antecedent of Ethical / Unethical Behavior: Religiosity
Muzaffer AYDEMIR & Ozum EGILMEZ, pages 71-84.

Changes in Company's Management Accounting Systems. Case study on Activity-Based Costing Implementation and Operation in Medium-Sized Production Company
Tomasz WNUK-PEL, pages 85-111.

Cost and Management Accounting Practices: A Survey of Manufacturing Companies
, pages 113-125.

Testing Capital Asset Pricing Model: Empirical Evidences from Indian Equity Market
Kapil CHOUDHARY & Sakshi CHOUDHARY, pages 127-138.

Impact of Derivative Trading On Stock Market Volatility in India : A Study of S&P CNX Nifty
Ruchika GAHLOT; Saroj K. DATTA & Sheeba KAPIL, pages 139-149.

EJBE 3 (5), May 2010  

Bank Performance and Efficiency in Uzbekistan
pages 1-25

Impact of Mergers on the Cost Efficiency of Indian Commercial Banks
Pardeep KAUR & Gian KAUR
pages 27-50

Macroeconomic Adjustment in Armenia : The Role of External Factors
pages 51-75

Does the Indian Economy Support Wagner's Law? An Econometric Analysis
Satish VERMA & Rahul ARORA
pages 77-91

Why Enforcing its UNCAC Commitments Would be Good for Russia : A Computable General Equilibrium Model
Michael P. BARRY
pages 93-110

Mergers, Acquisitions and Firms' Performance: Experience of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry
pages 111-126

A forecasting model for Japan 's unemployment rate
Takamitsu KURITA
pages 127-134

The Relationship between Employee Perceptions of Equity and Job Satisfaction in the Egyptian Private Universities
Mohamed Hossam El-Din KHALIFA & Quang TRUONG pages 135-150

EJBE 2 (4), November 2009  

Analyzing Regional Variations in Capacity Utilization of Indian Sugar Industry using Non-parametric Frontier Technique
Sunil KUMAR & Nitin ARORA pages 1-26.

An Empirical Analysis on Individuals' Deposit-Withdrawal Behavior s Using Data Collected through a Web-Based Survey
Toshihiko TAKEMURA & Takashi KOZU pages 27-41.

The Impact of Internet Banking on Bank Performance and Risk: The Indian Experience
Pooja MALHOTRA & Balwinder SINGH
pages 43-62.

The Causes and Ramifications of the 2008-2009 Meltdown of the Financial Markets on the Global Economy
M. Raquibuz ZAMAN
pages 63-76.

SME'S Rating System and Process in Turkey According to the Basel II Settlements
Sinan ASLAN, Hatice ELCI
pages 77-94.

Comments on the Objective of Financial Reporting in the Proposed New Conceptual Framework
Przemyslaw KABALSKI pages 95-111.

The Empirical Investigation of Relationship between Return, Volume and Volatility Dynamics in Indian Stock Market
Sarika MAHAJAN & Balwinder SINGH
pages 113-137.

The Role of Customer Satisfaction to Enhance Customer Loyalty
Mohammad Ziaul HOQ & Muslim AMIN pages 139-154.

EJBE 2 (3), May 2009  

Strategies of Regional Economic Integration and WTO Accession in Central Asia
Simon W. TAI & Jung Wan LEE pages 1-14.

Centralization and Decentralization of Public Policy in a Complex Framework
Maria ROSARIA ALFANO pages 15-34.

Foreign Direct Investments in Central Asian Energy: A CGE Model
Michael P. BARRY
pages 35-54.

The Effect of the Government Intervention in Economy on Corruption
Mutascu Mihai IOAN
pages 55-71.

Does Nature of Financial Institutions Matter to Firm Growth in Transition Economies?
Abubakr SAEED
pages 73-90.

The Water Pricing Effects on the Water Use of the Hungarian Households
László VASA
pages 91-98.

EJBE 1 (2), November 2008  

The Impact of Trust on the Mode of Transaction Governance between Manufacturer and Distributor: Evidence from Georgia
George BERULAVA & David LEZHAVA pages 1-32.

An Examination of Technical, Pure Technical, and Scale Efficiencies in Indian Public Sector Banks using Data Envelopment Analysis
Sunil KUMAR & Rachita GULATI pages 33-69.
Performance Measurement of Turkish and Chinese Manufacturing Firms: A Comparative Analysis
Nizamettin BAYYURT & Gokhan DUZU pages 71-83.
The Effect of Road Upgrading to Overland Trade in Asian Highway Network
Ziyodullo PARPIEV & Jamshid SODIKOV pages 85-101.
School-to-Work Transitions after two Decades of Post-Communist Transition: What's New?
Ken ROBERTS, Gary POLLOCK, Heghine MANASYAN & Jochen THOLEN pages 103-129.

Perceived Leader Effectiveness across Organizational Roles: Exploratory Evidence from Central Eurasia
David L. FORD & M. Ismail KIRAN pages 131-156.

EJBE 1 (1), May 2008  
The Cultural Foundations of Family Business Management: Evidence from Ukraine
William D. BRICE & Wayne D. JONES pages 3-23
An Empirical Investigation of the Relationship Between Quality Initiatives and Financial Performance
Ali UYAR pages 25-36
Picnic Organizers to Strategists: Turn of the Wheel for Human Resource Managers
Feza T. AZMI pages 37-60
Experience Studies on Determining Life Premium Insurance Ratings: Practical Approaches
Mirela CRISTEA & Narcis E. MITU pages 61-82

Empirical Analysis of Kyrgyz Trade Patterns
Elvira KURMANALIEVA pages 83-97

An Action Research into International Masters Program in Practicing Management (IMPM): Suggesting Refraction to Complement Reflection for Management Learning in the Global Knowledge Economy
Tunc D. MEDENI & Katsuhiro UMEMOTO pages 99-136

EJBE is published by Ala-Too International University
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan